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Business Millennials

Ashley Dreager & Safa Harris

This show brings you strategic insights through raw and unfiltered, real world advice to accelerate your business growth for long term success.

I’m Safa Harris and I'm Ashley Dreager - the founders of Scale & Thrive co. a full service marketing & business development firm helping visionary companies scale sustainably. 

Expect us to have uncomfortable conversations that no one else is having. We'll break down what it really takes to grow and scale your business beyond six, seven, or even 8 well as inspiring interviews with diverse leaders across marketing, product development, sales and more.

Be a fly on the wall as we conduct strategy sessions with business owners experiencing issues such as plateaued income, burnout, and generally dropping the ball. Giving you the tools and resources to break through your own roadblocks. But also personal development methods to grow you as a balanced, conscious leader amidst business growth.